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Reviews and testimonials

When my path crossed with Ash online, I was in a very bad place. My anxiety was out of control, I could no longer suppress and hide how I was feeling as it was showing up in a physical symptom with constant tremor in one leg. After months of weekly doctor appointments and talking therapy, NOTHING was improving. From my 3rd session with Ash, I immediately felt light and free. I can now show up online for my business in a confident and authentic manner, I can go out alone shopping, I accept invites to events with friends. My relationships have improved immensely. What has staggered me is the continual growth in me. I didn't realise things would continue to get better, relationships would keep improving. The energy has shifted in my family and my kids tell me how they feel and we are resolving issues I didn't even know were there. I wouldn't hesitate to refer anyone struggling to reach out to Ash. It is a life-changing experience.


What has changed for me since working with Ash? After 37 years of skin rashes, irritations, diagnosis etc I had clear skin. A few spots came up after a month due to another healing session and was gone within a week. I generally had more energy, vitality and better sleep after being diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis and fibromyalgia. I had less anxiety and panic attacks after experiencing anxiety and panic attacks for 37 years. I experienced less emotional triggers – when things happened or I was triggered I was able to process it effectively and efficiently – it didn’t get STUCK inside me like in the past. My relationships improved as some of my emotional barriers came down. I was able to pay off my credit card after years of credit card debt through changing my belief systems about money. I was a more involved, active and connected mother to my son. I had spontaneous outbursts of happiness, joy and elation. I had MANY MASSIVE realizations, breakthroughs and downloads that were transformative. My intuition was ON and STRONG (I do energy healing work)!!! There was less resistance to it. 

I now feel I have reached a new vibrational level that I have never experienced before and that was my goal and will continue to be my goal. To continue to work through until the next level and learn what I need then again the next layer and so on and so forth. It really is possible to feel and have whatever we want – we just have to overcome the blocks.


When I reached out to Dr Ashleigh Moreland I was going through a very bad time with my 22 year old son. He was confrontational, short, down, exhausted (always tired even after a good meal and good night sleep which was so far left of field for someone who has always played professional sport - senior local football which also was greatly effected). This finally lead to a dysfunctional family unit. At this point my son and I got very heated and I asked him to go and live with his mother and this is where our positive journey with Ash began. Ash explained it would be more beneficial if my son and I did the sessions together, which I didn't think would benefit myself, but that ended up being paramount. 

The greatest shifts or changes after our time with Ash is a much more emotionally mature, empathetic, respectful and refreshed son, and a father with a positive mindset - and now a great family dynamic!

Chris (family therapy)

*Group session at a University*
At the beginning of the session, the key themes or issues that people identified as problems for them included:

"Fear of failure, fear of letting people down, fear of under-performing"

"Being unproductive working from home - improving my self-belief / self-confidence - not wanting to waste time / experiences - not wanting to take full advantage of opportunities"

"Anger/frustration, guilt, shame/embarrassment and fear. All related to lack of (maybe perceived?) progress in my PhD"

Some of the key SELF-DIRECTED and PERSONAL learnings that participants were able to take away were:

"I only need to focus on one task at a time AND I am capable of doing many things. I know what my needs are and I know who I can rely on for support."
"To come back to the basics of actively calming down my nervous system. Do more work on my mind."

"Not asking for help causes a negative feedback loop which feeds stress and anxiety."

"You have to declutter and break down barriers and obstacles before you can move forward - obvious in hindsight of this session, but difficult to practice without this kind of reflection!"

Participants described the session as:


"Brilliantly delivered and extremely insightful!"



And one participant wrote:

"Ash's energy was contagious and completely flipped my mood. I think I've been conditioned to expect boring, information heavy and non-engaging presentations in academia. This was none of that, so thank you!"

Combined anonymous feedback following a Group Session for Academics and PhD Students at a Melbourne University

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