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Where do the sessions take place?

Almost all of the work that I do is online (except in SOME family therapy situations). The reason for this is that the mind is powerfully anchored to safety when we can work together with participants in a familiar environment. This makes our work together MUCH easier and much more effective!

Do you have payment support?

Yes. We understand that everyone has different requirements and financial situations. We offer flexible payment support to ensure that you can get the help you want and need WHEN you want and need it. Depending on the work we do and the nature of your personal employment, it may also be claimable as a tax deduction.

Why do you run group therapy?

Group work is powerful! When the same consistent group of people join together on their journey, people feel connected, heard and understood by like-minded individuals. It can also accelerate progress when people share their personal stories and reflections, bringing awareness to things you didn't even know you personally felt, thought, or did!

Why does this cost so much?

The simple answer is - because it WORKS - and works rapidly! I've worked with people who have paid therapists, counsellors, and other professionals for over 30 years to help with the same underlying issues! My neuroscience informed, personalised therapeutic programs empower people to completely turn all aspects of their lives around. It is a very small investment for emotional and mental freedom!

Do you accept mental health plans

No. The nature of this work does not fall under the scope of mental health plans. However, GP's refer their patients to me privately due to witnessing rapid progress following these programs and ease of access.

What are your work hours?

My hours are flexible so I work with you to find a mutual time to work together that will support your ability to complete your chosen program. The needs of clients are diverse - from parents wrangling children, to people working full time, to corporate organisations requiring specific dates and times. Contact me to discuss!

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